Civil engineering

Department of Civil Engineering


University of Tabriz in engineering field and top research citations per paper indicator ranked 257th position in the world. As the second oldest university in Iran, continued to be the leader in research and education development at north-west region of the country. The program, with acceptance capacity of 25 students, primarily launched in Civil Engineering group in Marand branch Engineering department in 1996. and their development programs can be detailed as following:

2.Undergraduate Program Development

In light of the college and university authorities, Bachelor (discontinuous) courses in Building Technology approved in 2006 and the following year students’ admission were measured.

Furthermore, the admission of students in Building Executive Engineering undergraduate course launched from 2009. Finally, the admission of students in the fields of civil engineering (continuous) began from 2013. The group is now established in the following fields:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering Bachelor of Civil Administration Engineering (discontinuous)Undergraduate program in Concrete Buildings Undergraduate program in Building’s General Works

3.Profile of Educational Facilities

The group has 11 theory classes, drawing studios and 4 laboratories at sites number (1) and (2) of Technical College.  The new building will be added to these spaces as completing of the construction sites. 

4.Faculty Members

This group by now has 8 members and provides its’ educational and research needs from the University of Tabriz and the rest from the region. Due to lack of academic board members, recruitment of human resources acts as the main priority.

5.Department of Civil Engineering Landscape

According to the available features and functionality and recruiting academic board programs in the near future faculty of civil engineering intends to launch a master's degree of civil engineering in sub-division fields of Structural Engineering, Geotechnics and hydraulic Structural Engineering.